MCH Investment Strategies is a Spanish firm specialised in the identification and selection of talented international asset managers with the ability to generate long-term added value to their investors.

Our mission is to represent them exclusively among institutional investors from Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Most of the large multi-product Asset Managers follow a strategy mainly based on the growth of assets under management. In MCH IS we look for independent and specialized asset managers in a specific asset class can stand for the quality, the human team and the disciplined and rigorous investment process. 

Our founding partners, Tasio del Castaño and Alejandro Sarrate, have an accumulated experience of more than 40 years in the Asset Management market, with a long career in companies such as Goldman Sachs, Santander Group or Lehman Brothers.

Tasio del Castaño was the founding partner of Furno & del Castaño Partners, an Asset Manager based in London and where Lehman Brothers held 51% of the capital.

Alejandro Sarrate was their European product specialist.

In 2008, they both decided to create the agency Able & Baker, wich is now known as MCH Investment Strategies S.G.I.I.C with registration number 237 under the Spanish Regulator (CNVM).

"Our mission is to line up the interests of the local investor with those of our managers, acting as independent product specialists in Spain, Italy and Portugal."