• Independent Product Specialists. We have a deep knowledge of all the investment strategies that we represent. Our asset managers can focus their resources on management, relying on MCH IS to develop the business in our markets. Because of this, we strive to be a quality interlocutor with the institutional investor, providing value through a detailed, professional and continuous explanation of each strategy.
  • We treasure an extensive network of institutional clients: with access to the main responsible for:
    • Pension Funds and Insurance Companies.
    • Fund Platforms.
    • Fund of funds.
    • Private Banks and Family Offices.
    • Consultants.
  • We design the commercial strategy for our asset managers: We carry out activities such as the identification of long-term potential customers for each strategy and the best distribution channels. We adapt the Marketing presentation to local environment and determine the responsibilities in the commercial strategy of the manager and MCH. We also set up a continuous process of the sales done.
  • We establish long-term relationships; creating a lasting bond with our asset managers and investors in a framework of mutual trust. This link is strengthened over time and in different environments. We intensify the closeness with our asset manager in the most difficult moments of the markets. We think the foundations of this relationship have to be based on mutual assistance, open communication and an alienation of interests along trust and respect.