MCH Investment Strategies

Independent Product Specialist

MCH Investment Strategies, AV, SA is a Spanish Broker Dealer specialized in the identification and selection of talented International Managers who have proven their ability to add value to their investors in the long run. Our purpose is to represent them exclusively among institutional investors in Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Most large multi-product management companies follow a more indexed strategy, aimed at the growth of assets under management. MCH seeks independent fund managers who specialize in a particular investment strategy, with a different mission: Alpha generation. For them, the growth of assets under management must be the result of obtaining excellent returns, and not the result of a marketing strategy. The investment process of these fund managers must be disciplined, very consistent over time and differential with respect to most of their competitors, producing long-term performance well above its indexes and their competitors.

The founding partners have an extensive experience, totalling more than 30 years in the industry of asset management, after performing their careers at firms like Goldman Sachs, Banco Santander and Lehman Brothers. Tasio del Castaño was one of the founding partners of Furno & Del Castaño Capital Partners LLP (FCCP), an asset management company regulated by the FSA, 51% owned by Lehman Brothers, where Alejandro Sarrate was product specialist at European level.
In 2008, Tasio and Alejandro decided to create the securities agency Able & Baker, and with their subsequent association in 2010 with MCH Private Equity partners, constituted the current MCH Investment Strategies.

MCH Investment Strategies is an approved Securities Agency and is therefore regulated by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). Registration Number 237.

"Our mission is to help our international partners raise and retain assets for their distinctive products by identifying the most suitable investors among Spanish, Italian and Portuguese Institutional Clients"