Investment Strategies

US Equity

- Independent firm since 1998 with more than 335 employees and 30 partners. Manages circa $ 55 Billion

- Specialists in us Equities with "Value, Growth & Small Caps" strategies

- Internal analysis team, specialized by sector, accumulating real experience in the industry.

- Thorough investment process, consistent over time and transparent.

- Concentrated portfolio as a result of a thorough fundamental analysis of each company.

Europe Equity

- Boutique de Gestión independiente. Fundada en 2014 por Eric Bendahan, CFA. CEO y gestor del fondo. 15 años de experiencia en renta variable europea.

- Uno de los gestores europeos con mejores resultados durante la última década tanto en Oyster AM como en AXA Investment Managers.

- Equipo en tamaño similar a los fondos anteriores y con mayor experiencia en análisis, 14 años de media.

- Gestora socialmente responsable. Larga asociación personal con UNICEF.

Emerging Asia

- Independent Asian Management Company. Founded in 1997 by Mr Hyeon Joo Park in Korea.

- One of the largest management companies focused on emerging countries, circa $ 90 Billion under management, 118 investment professionals and offices in HK, China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Brazil and Colombia.

- Strong on-site analytical presence, conferring them a competitive advantage in terms of understanding the dynamics of local market. More than 1,500 companies visited annually.

- Comprehensive experience in the region by investing in equities, fixed income, real estate, private equity and infrastructure.

- Rahul Chadha. CIO and fund manager. 15 years of local experience, 8 years at Mirae Asset.

Eastern Europe Equity

- Independent firm founded in 1997, 80 employees (26 nationalities) and 5 partners.

- Specialized in Eastern Europe equities, managing more than $ 5 Billion in the region.

- Offices in Stockholm, Moscow, Tallinn, Hong Kong,Luxembourg, Dubai and Oslo.

- Local analysis team and an influential advisory board (composed of former politicians, diplomats and businessmen) conferring a broad knowledge in an area where external analysis is scarce.

Global Convertibles

- Founded in 2000 by the former JP Morgan European convertible prop-trading team, $ 2.0 Billion under management. 30 employees. Specializing in convertibles.

- The 7 major partners total more than 100 years of experience in convertibles, employees are the third largest investors of the funds.

- Team of prospectus analysis specialists, a differentiating factor versus general investors.

- Its comprehensive view of the asset class, managing long only and hedge and bear/short strategies, gives them a greater understanding

complexities surrounding the convertible bond universe.

Balanced Total Return

- Founded in 1994 by Jonathan Ruffer, it remains independent with 46 partners.

- Manages £ 20.6 Billion under the same investment philosophy. 227 employees, of which more than 83 are in the area of investment management and analysis.

- Objective of absolute return with the dual purpose of not losing money in periods of 12 months rolling while obtaining higher returns than bank deposits.

Absolute Return

- Founded in 2004, $ 6.3 billion under management. 65 employees.

- Team of renowned prestige at a macroeconomic level, composed mainly of former Goldman Sachs partners and employees.

- Led by Gavyn Davies, former GS Chief Economist and appointed for 10 consecutive years best global Chief economist by Institutional Investor.